Friday, September 14, 2012

Classroom Family Friday-"Hero in the Hallway"

Today, our classroom family started a new series called "Classroom Family Friday."  Each Friday, I will share a video clip, song, movie clip, etc. about having good teamwork, helping one another out, bullying, and how to stand up for someone in our classroom family.  The purpose is just to build community in our classroom.

Today was our first video and reflection.  Here is the clip I played:

Immediately after I played the video, I asked the students not to say anything yet, but go back to their desk and have a 5 minute quick write on their feelings, thoughts, ideas, inspirations, etc. that the video inspired them to feel.  WOOOOOWEEEEEEE...I didn't know I would need the Kleenex on the FIRST day of doing this!  The stories were phenomenal.  They wrote about times they remember feeling bullied and a friend helped them out.  They wrote about how sad it was that so many kids dropped out of school.  They wrote about how they could be a hero to someone.

 I am telling you guys...IT WAS POWERFUL!!!

On Monday, we are going to start our "Motivational Mondays" Series in which I will play a clip that inspires them to be the BEST THEY CAN BE, not give up, try hard, etc.  I will share a clip with you on Monday and let you know what the kiddos thought!


  1. I love this idea! Let us know what other videos you use!

  2. Love your blog! Thanks for all the great ideas! If you get a chance hop over and check out my blog, . ~Diane