Friday, July 15, 2011

Extend Your Bucket-Filling!

The past year, my classroom was engrossed in bucket-filling endeavors!  Toward the middle of the year, it fizzled a little and I had to re-introduce the books.  That is when I came across this little gem:
I LOVE this book, especially for upper elementary.  I used it in my 2nd grade classroom, but only used portions of it.  My favorite part is the "10 Facts of Life".  It teaches students that life isn't always fair, even if you are trying to fill buckets. 

One of the things I REALLY like about the book is that it goes more into depth about using a LID for your bucket.  It talks about appropriate times to use the lid, when a lid doesn't word, etc.  This is definitely a more in-depth book to use!  Check it out!

Thursday, July 14, 2011


Thanks for "Popping In" to see my NEW BLOG!!!  I am excited that you chose to follow me over here!  More updates coming soon!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Box Office Behavior Clip Chart

Ta-da!  I finished my Clip Chart to match my Hollywood theme this year.  I even made cute little clips to match.  When you look at these, you are going to see different colored clips.  The yellow, black, and red clips with popcorn pictures at the end are the clips that my kiddos will start with.  They will progress to silver, and then to gold.

***Please note...I am a FIRM believer about NOT embarrassing my students, so they will NOT have their names on their clips.  I put my student's numbers on their clip so guests, administration, etc. will not know who has had a rough day.

If they get "Off the Chart", then they receive a jewel.  After 5 jewels, then they get a silver clip.  These are the ones with "You're a Star" on them.  They then start over with getting 5 more jewels.  If they receive 5 more jewels, then they get a gold clip with an Oscar at the end of it. 

YES, I did have 3 students this year earn a gold clip!!!  Many in my class earned a silver clip.  This is VERY achievable, but it is because of my expectations and allowing them the opportunity to WANT TO earn it!  I am telling you, this is a HUGE motivator in my classroom, but it is only because I make it a motivator!