Monday, January 2, 2012

Martin Luther King, Jr. Sequencing/Important Details Activity

Phew, I have missed you guys!  Sorry that I took a hiatus!  With moving grade levels, taking two Master's courses (one of which is Research), and having my daughter start high school, makes me feel craaaaazzzzyyyy!  I have been BUUUUSSSSYYYY!!!  Thanks for sticking with me ;o)

I am preparing for Martin Luther King, Jr. day coming up soon.  My students need some extra work with finding important details and sequencing, so when I saw an activity on Pinterest, I knew it was the perfect fit.  I created the following document that mirrors the one on Pinterest:
 I have one that I filled in with MY important details, but I will give students the blank document with JUST the year listed.  That way, they can dig in the book they are going to read (which I am using the one from Reading A to Z because it is leveled in three different levels-PERFECT for my kiddos!) to find the information!  I am attaching files for BOTH the blank date and the one with details already filled in!  I hope you like!