Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Bulletin Board Craze

Here are a few of my bulletin boards that I have had this year (most are pinterest inspired!):

  Sorry, this one is without student work!  We added each student with a Dr. Seuss hat on and a Daisy "boing-ing" out of the hat!  See my previous post about what they wrote about!

My 2011-2012 Hollywood Classroom!

A good friend of mine pointed out that I have not posted any pictures of my new classroom this year!  EEKS!  Sorry about that!  On the positive side, I am glad to know that y'all look forward to seeing them!  Yes, I did go with a Hollywood Theme (hence my new blog design!)
My calendar board and "Lead Actor" or Helper of the Day!  They then move into a "Supporting Actor" role and become my door holder or caboose, etc.  If my Helper of the Day is busy, I look to the other two for help!  The Helper of the Day gets to sit in the Director Chair during whole group instruction and also in the bathtub in our reading area for Daily 5 or individual work time!

I use this to partner students.  It is similar to "Clock Partners"  They each have a sheet that has another student as a movie ticket partner, for instance.  When I spin the wheel, they look at their partner sheet, see which student is under that picture, and they work with that student!  I can post this document if anyone would like it!

This wall did NOT turn out how I was visualizing it, but I ran out of time to revamp it!  

My class is soooo wonderful this year, that I don't even need to use my clip chart!  AMAZING!!!

YES!  This is our Class pet!  They named him "Harry Hollywood!"