Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Daisy-Head Mayzie...Seuss-FAN-atic!!!

I have been LOVING Read Across America Week at our school.  We have had dress-up days to match Dr. Seuss books:
Monday-Wear your favorite hat day (The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins)

Tuesday-Favorite Color from head to toe (My Many Colored Days)

Wednesday-Crazy Socks Day (Fox in Socks)

Thursday-Pajama Day (The Sleep Book)

Friday-Wear your favorite team gear (ummm...not sure on this one.  I think it was to celebrate March Madness???)

We also had student re-decorate a cover for their favorite Dr. Seuss book, our principal put Seuss stickers on the bottom of lunch trays and whoever had a sticker won a Seuss pencil, Dr. Seuss bingo, and we are having a Dr. Seuss snack competition!  LOADS of fun all week.

In my classroom, this is the project we took on:

We read the book, "Daisy-Head Mayzie!" and wrote a story to match.  In third grade, they are assessed on paragraphing, so we hit hard on that!  Here is a run-down of the paragraphs:

1-If you could be famous, what would you want to be and why?

2-With all of your riches from being famous, what would you buy and why?

3-Where would you want to travel?  What would you see or do there?

4-Besides your family, pets, and friends, what would you miss from home that would make you want to return (Just like Mayzie did!!!)?

They did a GREAT job!  Here is the template that they typed into:

P.s.  My favorite Title was "Laptop King!"  Everyone else put "If I Were Famous!" or "Being Famous"...  I guess I need to do a minilesson on creative titles!!!

They then cut out a picture of themselves, made a Dr. Seuss hat with torn paper scraps, and put a Daisy (attached to a green pipe cleaner so it would BOING) coming from their hat!  They turned out soooo super cute!  What do you think?

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